We do offer free estimates, but recommend that you provide approximate measurements. This will ensure that we are able to give you a starting price point before the on-site measuring. Our service area is New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.

Many shades of glass are available as well as less transparent glass such as bubble glass, rain glass, and antique glass. We usually recommend clear glass as it usually makes the bathroom appear larger. Contact us to discuss our offerings and see samples.

There are 3 standard thicknesses for shower doors; ¼’, 3/8’ and ½’. Call us to discuss what thickness is most appropriate for your shower.

Yes, absolutely! Once you temper a piece of glass it instantaneously becomes 4-5 stronger. Another benefit of Tempered Glass is that if one day it ever breaks, instead of braking into large shards, it breaks into small pieces causing much less damage and posing less of a danger. The process that the glass goes through to become tempered is extreme heating and rapid cooling.

In order to keep your shower door from leaking, you must first take into consideration why shower doors leak. In most cases shower doors leaks from failure to pitch the saddle inwards. The idea is that once the water from your shower head hits the glass it runs down to the bottom of the glass, once it hits the saddle it only has two ways to go; out or into the shower area. If the saddle is pitched in the right direction the water will go into its right place which is the inside of the shower. We recommend the pitch to be 5 degrees in-wards. The second reason why a shower door might leak is because you shower head is pointed directly in between glass seams. Keep in mind that all hinges have moving parts which has small spaces to allow movement. By changing the direction of water flow away from such areas it will greatly increase the likelihood of you shower door not leaking.

Our hardware is supplied by CR Laurence. Please click here to browse the different types of hardware. You may contact us and let our professional experts help you choose the best ones for your bathroom sanctuary.

Contacting our professional team of experts will give you all the information you need about our warranty, or Please visit CRL’s website to see the warranty that is available for the type of hardware that you choose.

From the day of the estimate, you can expect your door to be installed within 10 business days. Should you need it faster, contact us with what your time frame is and we will ensure that you receive the fastest turnaround time in the industry.