Choosing the Right Glass for Your Frameless Shower Doors

Frameless shower doors can provide an elegant new look for your home that can expand the apparent space inside these rooms. Choosing the right glass for these installations can help you to enjoy the frameless shower doors New York homeowners need and want to enhance their bathrooms. Here are some guidelines to consider when choosing glass for your NYC shower doors.


Working with a reputable interior glass company can ensure the most practical options for your shower doors and enclosures. Frameless shower glass typically comes in two thickness options:

• For homeowners interested in keeping their costs low, 3/8-inch glass can provide solid durability and meets the minimum standards for frameless shower doors and enclosures.

• Upgrading to 1/2-inch glass can provide added structural strength and can increase both the longevity and the durability of your shower door installation. These premium options can create the most elegant look and feel for your new shower doors.

Working with a company that specializes in glass installations and frameless shower doors can help you make the most practical and cost-effective choices for your home and your family.

Patterns and Frosting

Textured glass can provide an added dimension to otherwise humdrum shower enclosures and frameless shower doors. Patterned glass is available in a variety of textural options or translucent images. Frosted glass offers superior privacy and can create a relaxing retreat inside your NYC bathroom. Your local glass company can provide you with the widest range of glass finish options for your frameless shower door installation.

Accessories and Hardware

Choosing the right hardware for your new shower installation can allow you to complement your existing décor and to enhance the appearance of your entire bathroom. Some of the most popular choices for hardware finishes include the following:

• Chrome;
• Brushed stainless steel;
• Oil-rubbed bronze;
• Brass;
• Antique Brushed Copper;
• Brushed or polished nickel;
• Antique bronze;

Depending on the glass and shower configuration you choose, your installation company can provide you with expert help in choosing the right shower bars and hardware for your new frameless shower doors and enclosures.

At Bravura Glass & Mirror Corp., we offer comprehensive glass repair, replacement and installation services for shower enclosures, shower doors, mirrors, table tops and windows. We work with residential and commercial customers to ensure the most effective solutions for a wide range of needs. If you need NYC shower doors or full enclosures, give us a call today at 212-996-9606 or at 718-951-3610. Our expert glass technicians will be happy to provide you with the support, guidance and expert services needed to ensure the best results for your NYC home or business.

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